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Super fast managed hosting solution for WordPress

Whenever you are considering any hosting solution for your website, quick loading times is always a priority. It can not only affect the user experience on your website but also improve your rankings within search engines, which will in turn bring in more traffic. Considering this, we will be taking a look at WPX hosting today, because not only do they promise to offer crazy fast managed hosting for your WordPress websites but also plenty of other features to make your experience even better.

The hosting provider started its services back in 2013 by the name of Traffic Planet hosting and has since gone under some major rebranding, however, their goal has not changed. The CEO, Terry Kyle was frustrated with the services offered by low priced shared hosting solutions which were slow, had minimal support and stopped working under heavy traffic loads. Another major goal for Terry was to feed homeless dogs. Currently, revenue generated from WPX helps feed 500 homeless dogs around the area of Sofia, Bulgaria. 

General Metrics Overview

Hosting Rank# Out of 35
Hosting PlansBusiness, Professional, Elite Plan
PricingStarting at $28.83
Speed (Desktop)1.0s
Speed Mobile(4G)
Time to First Byte - TTFB
123.37 ms
First Contentful Paint1.6s
Time to Interactive

SupportInstant Live Chat 24/7
Website Transfers5 free transfer included
Free AddonsSSL, Enhanced Security Features, Custom CDN, Free Backups
HTTP ProtocolHTTP/2 enabled servers
Web ServerApache

But enough about how the company started and let’s look into how WPX stacks up according to the services that they promise to offer. To start off, WPX is a true managed WordPress hosting provider, meaning that you will not be able to install or use any other CMS except for WordPress. As a WPX customer, you get access to a custom control panel, CDN management and 24/7 WordPress support. 

WPX has really created a name for itself among the few managed WordPress hosting services. You can tell by taking a look at the worldwide trend of the word “WPX” by taking a look at the graph below. 

WPX Hosting Trend

Expert WPX Review

To give an accurate and detailed review of how WPX hosting performs, we went ahead and collected data across different metrics. By using these, it becomes easy to make a comparison with other hosting providers.

In this detailed review we will be covering all of the topics related to WPX which will help you decide whether WPX is the right hosting for you or not. 

WPX General Hosting Overview

WPX Business Plan

Staring at $20.83/mo, the Business Plan offered by WPX allows you to host up to 5 WordPress websites with 10GB of Storage and 100GB of Bandwidth. You also get access to the WPX CDN which is included in all of the plans.

WPX Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is a step up from the Business Plan and starts at $41.58/mo. You can host up to 15 different websites with this plan with 20Gb of storage and 200GB of Bandwidth. 

WPX Elite Plan

Starting at $83.25/mo, the Elite plan is the highest tiered plan you can go for with WPX. It allows you to host 35 different websites with 40GB of storage and unlimited Bandwidth.

As with all other hosting reviews, we have a strict policy of reviewing a hosting provider to ensure that our reviews are unbiased and contain important facts which are based on accurate metrics to help you make a decision.

In this detailed review, we will be taking a look at the different pros and cons of going with WPX as a hosting provider for your WordPress websites.

For the purpose of this review, we went with the business plan offered by WPX. It should be noted that pretty much all features are the same across all of the plans with the exception of a number of websites you can host, storage and bandwidth limits. Since WPX is a managed WordPress service, we installed the latest version of the CMS and used the default theme for all of our metrics.

WPX Enterprise Endorsements

Overall Rating on Trust Pilot

Overall Rating of WPX hosting is above 95%

What People say about WPX hosting 

WPX Pricing

While WPX is priced higher than the basic shared hosting plan that you would get with another hosting provider, there is a reason behind this. As discussed earlier, the reason behind the creation of WPX was because the CEO was frustrated by the cheap offerings of hosting providers without any performance. This is why even though the Business plan starts at $20.83/mo, it offers plenty of bang for your buck. 

Business Plan

$20.83/mo when paid yearly

5 Websites

10GB Storage

100GB Bandwidth

Professional Plan

$41.58/mo when paid yearly

15 Websites

20GB Storage

200GB Bandwidth

Elite Plan

$83.25/mo when paid yearly

35 Websites

40GB Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

WPX Pros

Even though WPX is a fairly new player in the world of hosting providers considering they started out in 2013, they still have created a name for themselves. Offering plenty of features by keeping their users in mind.

They promise an uptime of 99.95% and they definitely do deliver on this promise. Not only this, they show some great metrics when it comes to their Speed Index and load times on both computer and mobile.

If you are looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting service then WPX is definitely it. Here we will be taking a look at some of the pros that you can expect if you plan to go with WPX as your next hosting provider.

Guaranteed Uptime of 99.95%

The folks over at WPX guarantee an uptime of 99.95% but throughout our testing and by looking at their uptime over a period of a year we were amazed. The uptime had been a solid 99.99% which is better than the promised uptime of 99.95%. 

In our opinion, uptime is a really important factor since it represents the time duration for which your website is available to visitors. In the case a website is down, it can greatly affect the visitor experience and you can easily miss out on potential customers or leads. While some hosting providers shy away from guaranteeing uptime, WPX proudly offers a guarantee of 99.95% and exceeds it. 

Excellent Desktop and Mobile Speed Index

Along with uptime, speed index is also a very important metric as it represents the time that it takes for content to visually show up on the screen. For the user, this is the time that it takes for a page to load onto their device. 

Frankfurt2004.42 ms0.71 ms12.04 ms426.65 ms
Amsterdam20012.71 ms2.31 ms20.93 ms435.19 ms
London20028.63 ms2.27 ms16.43 ms378.04 ms
New York2004.05 ms36.94 ms86.94 ms163.11 ms
Dallas200128.36 ms1.27 ms24.37 ms122.2 ms
San Francisco20028.93 ms10.65 ms39.51 ms349.18 ms
Singapore200131.27 ms1.14 ms21.35 ms827.43 ms
Sydney20015.52 ms0.68 ms24.11 ms935.12 ms
Tokyo20066.25 ms20.56 ms131.01 ms718.74 ms
Bangalore20060.85 ms139.41 ms292.32 ms987.72 ms

It is important to have a good speed index for both desktop and mobile since Google has been putting a lot of emphasis on the mobile experience of users. They even introduced something called the Mobile First Index which essentially ranks the mobile version of your website depending on its performance. 

With WPX we continually observed a page speed of less than 4 seconds which is great. You can also make sure of caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache and the WP Rocket plugin to further boost the loading speed of your website, easily bringing it around 2 seconds in some cases. 

Free Website Migrations

Since WPX is all about facilitating their customers and to build a solid relationship with them, they offer free website migrations. And not only single website migration either, no, in fact you can migrate the number of websites in your plan for absolutely no charge whatsoever. 

For example, if you have a business plan then you are allowed to migrate 5 websites free of cost. With the elite plan you can migrate 35 websites, absolutely free. You simply need tto submit a migration ticket and the WPX team will do the rest for you. You could obviously migrate a website yourself but this can result in some downtime. WPX will migrate your website without any downtime so that your website is available for visitors. 

Easy to Use Interface

For many people who are new to the concept of websites and hosting solutions, even the renowned cPanel can be confusing to use. It can take some time before you can understand how to use everything in there. 

WPX makes this whole process easier by offering a simple and easy to use interface which allows you to perform tasks with a simple click. You can manage your WordPress websites, create staging areas, add/remove FTP accounts or manage files such as backups etc. Even installing an SSL is as simple as clicking a button. 

Super Fast Customer Support

An excellent customer support is at the core of the services provided by any hosting provider. While many make big claims, very few can actually back these up and help out their customers when needed. 

WPX prides itself on offering stellar customer support with super fast response times. In fact, during our testing, the response times averaged around 37 seconds which is amazing. Not only this, tickets that you create are also resolved quickly and efficiently. In the case of a migration ticket, it took the WPX team only 5 hours to migrate over everything from a different hosting provider and that too without any downtime. 

Free Custom CDN

Initially WPX did not have a CDN solution but that is no longer the case. With each plan you get access to WPX custom CDN which ensures that your content is delivered to visitors regardless of where they are in the world. 

If you don’t already know, there are plenty of advantages of using a CDN such as decreased loading times and faster content delivery. The fact that a CDN is included with each plan by default is a huge pro and we think that more hosting providers should offer this feature.

Free Backups and SSLs

Both backups and SSL are an important component of maintaining a website. An SSL is important for the security of the website and it is now required and used to even rank your website. Not having an SSL certificate can negatively impact your search engine rankings. 

Backups are important if your website becomes the unfortunate target of a malicious attempt or you simply need to recover the data for any reason. WPX offers free 28 day automatic backups that you can review and recover at any time. Not only this, you will also get free SSL certificates for all of your websites that you have with WPX. In our opinion, this is great value for money.

Enhanced Security Features

There is no denying the fact that the moment you decide to take your website online, you are opening yourself to all sorts of attacks and hacking attempts. That is why it is important to make sure that your website is secure with the most updated and advanced security features. 

WPX ensures this by offering a number of features. The prominent one among these is Sucuri. It is included for free with each hosting plan that you get with WPX. Sucuri offers protections from different hacks and even against DDoS attacks. If that is not enough, WPX also makes use of Incapsula DDoS to protect and safeguard your websites hosted on their servers. 

A lot of the time malware comes in through cracked themes or plugins so WPX has active malware scanning enabled. You should never use a cracked theme or plugin but if you do with WPX, you will get banned and lose access to your website data.

WPX Cons

Unlimited Email Addresses

If you have a website then chances are that you will also need an email service to go along with it. This is also important from a branding point of view. 

When you go with a plan on WPX hosting, you will also get access to an unlimited number of email addresses that you can create and maintain. You also have the option to forward these email addresses to your Gmail address. Addiotionally, you can also define the storage you wish to allocate each email address to prevent running out of web server space.

Some of the cons for WPX in our opinion can be a bit subjective, depending on who is trying to use the service. Regardless of this, we have still listed them here so you are aware of these before making a decision. 

High Priced Basic Plan

The basic plan with WPX, which is the business plan starts at $24.99/mo if you plan to pay monthly which is a bit expensive when compared to some other hosting options out there. There is a reason behind this, however, and it is the number of features you are getting with even the basic plan. 

In our opinion this price is justified but we can also understand how it would be expensive for a small blogger or for someone who is just starting out. A $3/mo plan with another hosting provider might seem like a better option in that case. 

Simple Interface for Pros

Once again, this is a subjective con of the service. For newbies, the interface is a good choice since it makes setting up and managing everything easier. 

For the pros, however, those who are looking to customize and mess around with things on the backend, the interface might not be enough. This is also because the custom interface offered by WPX is quite different from the traditional cPanel. 


By taking a look at the numerous pros that come from hosting with WPX, we can confidently recommend it. While it may seem a bit expensive at first glance, the numerous features that are packaged with each plan more than make up for any increased cost. From a custom CDN to extensive malware protection, WPX ensures that you have everything to get started and keep your website up and running while offering your visitors excellent load times.  


  • Excellent Desktop and Mobile Speed
  • Free Website Migrations
  • Free Custom CDN
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • User Friendly


  • High Prices Basic Plan
  • Too Simple for Pros


Uptime - 9.8
Speed - 9.9
Pricing - 5
Support - 9.5
Free Addons - 10
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