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The use of this website is governed by the terms and conditions as well as laws and regulations. By using this website you agree to all the terms and conditions without any reservations. In case of any reservation, you are advised to stop using the website. 


The content published on the website is licensed as Hostreiwes intellectual property. The users are allowed to download content for viewing, non-commercial, or personal use only. Any display of content generated by Hostreview is prohibited. Under copyright licensing users are advised to not,

  1. Copy or rewrite  the content published on Hostreview
  2. Sell or rent the content of the website to anyone
  3. Publicly display the material from hostreview.io
  4. Redistribute any content that is not explicitly made available for redistribution
  5. Reproduce the content of the website by the use of screen scrapers. 


Hostreview does not provide any warranties related to the information being provided on the website. In continuity, Hostreview does not claim the information to be unchallengeable or absolutely accurate. Thereby Hostreviw does not warrant that

  • The website and the content on this website will be available at all times
  • The information on this website is absolute accurate. 

In case you need any legal, technical, financial pr personal advice, you may consult a professional. Hostreview does not claim in any way to be a substitute for professional advice. 


Hostreview in no way claims the authenticity of the content displayed on the website thereby, it should not be held liable in case of 

  1. For any indirect loss, that way incur to the client
  2. Any damage, loss of data, profit or business by following any content or advice on the website

Revisions and Errors

Hostreview does not claim to have accurate and up to date information. There may be errors in the data being displayed in technical or photographic form. Hostview reserves the right to change or edit any information being displayed on the website without prior notice. Hostreview should not be held accountable for any errors.


Hostreview does not take responsibility for any external links. The data displayed on the linked sites may not be authentic or reliable. Hostewvie shall not be held accountable for any misleading information present on those websites.  The user is responsible for any damage that may occur due to following those external links. Hostreview only endorses internal links as per the terms and conditions. 

Terms & Conditions Modification

Hostreview reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and anytime without notifying the user. By using the website you agree to recent terms and conditions of Hostreview.

Governing Law

All the terms and conditions mentioned in the document are governed by Law. any issue with the policies can be taken up according to the jurisdiction.

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