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This is our exclusive SiteGround Cloud Hosting Review, For more information you can read our Extensive SiteGround Expert Review.

SiteGround is 1 of the 3 recommended hosts which alone is a big endorsement.

SiteGround offers top notch services under their cloud hosting packages. These are perfect if you have a medium sized website and expect around 100 active users simultaneously. Cloud hosting offers you more control over resources and it can be optimized to deliver the best performance, especially if you are using a popular CMS like WordPress. 

We also have a detailed WordPress speed guide that you can use on SiteGround to achieve the most optimal speed possible and reduce load time to under 3 seconds. 

SiteGround makes use of some of the best server technologies out there such as SSD Storage, NGINX, HTTP/2 and PHP 7. You also get a free Cloudflare CDN which in our opinion is a great addition. 

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Expert Review

We have used SiteGround on multiple occasions in the past, especially for many of our WordPress websites and have been thoroughly satisfied by the service that we have received. 

The blazing fast speed combined with excellent customer support and the many features have allowed them to become one of the three recommended hosts by WordPress themselves. That is a big endorsement in itself and has allowed the hosting provider to become a popular name within the WordPress itself. 

As an affiliate partner with SiteGround, you can get an insane discount of 70% on hosting packages through us. 

However, unlike some of the other review websites out there, our goal is not to generate leads or sales but instead, we focus on offering completely unbiased and transparent reviews of different hosting providers. Their performance is measured by using strictly defined and accurate metrics along with details that actually matter to you.This is so that you have an idea of everything before you decide to commit to a particular web hosting provider, including SiteGround. 

As many hosting providers offer different services, it is important to know about each one in detail as they cater to different user bases, which is why a generic review is simply not enough.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plans

Here we will be discussing the different plans offered by SiteGround under their cloud hosting banner. The cloud hosting is best suited for medium websites that expect to have around 100 users online at the same time. 

Cloud hosting is also a great option if you wish to have more control over the resources allocated to your website or if you have a different application where it is crucial to have a special server configuration such as running an Apache module. 

Regardless of your requirements, with cloud hosting, you should be expecting improved loading times, speed and overall performance. Now, let’s take a look at the plans in some detail.

Entry Plan

The entry plan is perfect for those who are willing to start out with cloud hosting and perhaps wish to see how it performs. It is also good for those who have a website which is not too resource intensive yet needs something more than the regular shared hosting. Starting out at $80 per month, the entry plan for SiteGround’s cloud hosting comes with 2 CPU Cores, 4 GB of memory, 40 GB of SSD storage and up to 5 TB in data transfer. If you decide to go with a 12 month plan, your cost will be reduced to $72 per month which is honestly excellent value for money in our opinion. 

Business Plan

This is the recommended plan by SiteGround as it intends to offer the user with an optimal cloud experience. Starting at $120 per month, the business plan will offer you access to 3 CPU Cores, 6 GB of RAM, 60 GB in SSD Storage and a 5 TB data transfer limit. Choosing a 12 month plan will reduce the cost to $108 per month, saving you 10% of the original cost.

Business Plus Plan

Moving on, we have the business plus plan which starts at $160 per month. Offering 4 CPU Cores, 8 GB of RAM, 80 GB in SSD storage and a 5 TB Data transfer limit. This plan is best suited for people who are looking for advanced features and performance yet still want to maintain a budget. If you decide to go for 12 months, you will end up paying only $144 per month.

Super Power Plan

Finally, we have the most powerful plan that you can get under the cloud hosting banner with SiteGround. The super power plan is for those who are looking to supercharge their website and don’t want to compromise on power. You get access to 8 CPU Cores, 10 GB of RAM, 120 GB of SSD Storage and a 5 TB data transfer limit. The plan is a bit pricey at $240 per month but this cost makes sense when you look at what you are getting for your money. Similar to other plans, you will get a 10% discount if you opt to pay for 12 months at $ per month. 

Regardless of whatever plan you choose, there are certain features which will stay standard across all of them. For e.g you will be getting a free CDN and a dedicated IP which is excellent value for money in our opinion.

Pros of SiteGround Cloud Hosting 

There are plenty of pros that come with SiteGround Cloud Hosting if you decide to opt for it. We’ll take a look at some of them here. 

Resources Autoscale Whenever Needed

SiteGround offers it’s cloud hosting users the option to set their accounts to Autoscale mode which can come in really handy during times where you are expecting higher traffic than usual. With Autoscale mode, your cloud server CPU and RAM are increased to prevent your website from running too slow or crashing, something which can happen with peak traffic in shared hosting plans. 

Improved Security with HIVE Technology

SiteGround already offers plenty of security features with their cloud hosting plans such as a CDN and a free SSL certificate, however, they take it a step further with something which they have named as the HIVE technology. It ensures that the server resources are isolated for each website and if something goes wrong with one website, it will not affect other websites that are hosted on the same server. This means that you can expect top notch performance for your website. 

Excellent UpTime and Response Time

We monitored the uptime for SiteGround’s servers for a full year and found it to be 99.99%. This is excellent which means that your website won’t be down for any considerable amount of time, something which can result in lost sales or leads. SiteGround employs technologies such as Pro-Active Server Monitoring which can immediately notify of any issues with a server and it can even predict future server issues, which can greatly help prevent any downtimes.

Fully Managed Servers

With many hosting providers, you only get unmanaged cloud hosting which means that you either need to learn how to manage it or you need to hire a professional developer to get it up and running. With SiteGround, they offer a fully managed cloud hosting service. Experienced devops take time to configure and then continue to monitor your cloud service. This means that you do not need to worry about the server and can focus on the business aspects instead. 

SiteGround’s cloud hosting comes with a bunch of features, all of which are focused to make your experience better and improve the performance of your website. You have access to regular backups, priority customer support, unlimited hosted websites, free CDN and SSL certificates along with cutting edge server technologies such as NGINX and HHVM.

Cons of SiteGround Cloud Hosting

There are a lot of pros to SiteGround’s cloud hosting and while it is close to perfect, there is still an issue that we have with here. We are listing it here so you are aware of it before fully committing to the service. 

Limited Storage

If you wish to get the entry plan then you may end up having some trouble with the storage size you will get. This is especially important if you have a large website and you wish to host a big amount of data. With the entry plan you get around 40 GB of SSD storage which in our opinion is not enough for the price that you pay. Additionally, around 13 GB of this storage is used up by the operating system and other packages that are required for the server to run smoothly. That leaves you with only around 27 GB of actual storage. 

Once again, this is something that might not be an issue for many medium sized websites but it should still be kept in mind if you plan on going with SiteGround’s cloud hosting service.


For those with extra need of resources, the cloud hosting offered by SiteGround is the perfect option. The only con we could find was the limited storage that you get with the plan but this should not be an issue unless you have multiple websites. Other than that, you will be getting great uptime and speed along with autoscaling for resources so that your website never goes down. We recommend it.

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