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All the data metrics are authentic, We have been testing SiteGround from last 20 months to gather this data to provide a genuine & transparent review

SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosting options from the last few years, SiteGround is an independent hosting company having its headquarters in Bulgaria.

Its one of the top picks when it comes to choosing a hosting provider because of their amazing 24×7 Support and their superior servers, All SiteGround servers are SSD enabled for blazing fast Input/Output operations, also the default base for all web servers is NGINX with HTTP/2 enabled.

SiteGround offers its customers multiple hosting options including their popular Shared Web HostingWordPress HostingCloud Hosting & Reseller Hosting. SiteGround also offers a range of Dedicated Servers as per Customer needs.

SiteGround has been a favorite host to many from past 5 years, We just checked Worldwide trend of word “SiteGround” and came up with this result:

SiteGround Trend Past 5 Years
"SiteGround" Trend (Past 5 Years)

Expert SiteGround Review

SiteGround is one of the most respected names in web hosting community we have benchmarked SiteGround in the most detailed way to gather maximum performance data.

In this review we will cover all the topics above wrapped up in detail with extensive and accurate data we analyzed over time.

SiteGround General Hosting Overview

Hosting Rank# Out of 35
Hosting PlansShared, WordPress, Cloud, Reseller, Enterprise and Dedicated Servers
PricingStarting at $3.95 (Renewal @ $11.95)
Speed (Desktop)2.3s
Speed Mobile(4G)
Time to First Byte - TTFB
First Contentful Paint2.33s
First Meaningful Paint2.90s
First CPU Idle2.9s
Time to Interactive

Estimated Input Latency10ms
SupportInstant Live Chat 24/7
ApplicationsMore then 500 Applications Support
Website Transfers1 free transfer included
Free AddonsSiteGround Cacher, Cloudflare Pro
HTTP ProtocolHTTP/2 enabled servers
Web ServerNGINX

SiteGround Shared Hosting

Starting @$3.95/month SiteGround shared hosting is suitable for small websites and blogs getting moderate traffic up to 10,000 visitors for SiteGround Startup hosting and 25,000 for GrowBig Plan, if you are looking for high performance and speed this plan is not for you.

SiteGround Semi Dedicated Hosting

Starting @$11.95/month SiteGround GoGeek hosting is considered as Semi-Dedicated as it shares the highest tier of server resources, the speed is really good comparable with cloud hosting, SiteGround GoGeek plan also comes with priority customer support and Git repo creation

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Starting @$80 SiteGround Cloud hosting is a network of servers and if one server goes down other takes its place, Cloud hosting comes with a dedicated IP, You should get better performance during traffic spikes on cloud hosting as compared with Shared or GoGeek Plan.

SiteGround Dedicated Hosting

Starting @$269/month SiteGround dedicated hosting is the most powerful option you can get for the high traffic websites, It comes with SiteGround tier 1 VIP customer support with 24/7 monitoring & maintainence, Siteground provides alot of innovative software solutions to boost the server performance.

As a SiteGround affiliate partner, I have referred thousands of people to use their service but we do have a fair and strict policy when it comes to benchmarking and reviewing a host.

In this comprehensive review, we will discuss all the pros and cons of using SiteGround as your web hosting provider.

For this review we bought the Cheapest Shared Hosting Plan (Startup) to benchmark Siteground, for this and all other hosting reviews we used WordPress as primary CMS and when it comes to the theme we used the Pre-Installed Twenty Fifteen theme.

SiteGround Enterprise Endorsements

Yoast is hosted on SiteGround

SiteGround Hosting Endorsement by Yoast

SiteGround is a Recommended host by

Review Poll on Facebook

Facebook SuperStar SEO Group(
Amanda facebook poll results siteground review
SiteGround Review Facebook
Facebook Wordpress Speed UP Group (

SiteGround feedback on Twitter

SiteGround Pricing

SiteGround is a bit expensive if you compare it with some other hosts in the market the reason is the cutting edge technology along with exceptional support below we have gathered the pricing information of all hosting plans offered by SiteGround.

SiteGround Web Hosting | WordPress Hosting Pricing

$ 3.95
  • 1 Website
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly

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$ 5.95
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly

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$ 11.95
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly

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SiteGround offers 3 Plans for shared hosting the detailed features are discussed in our detailed Review of SiteGround Web Hosting.

SiteGround web hosting and wordpress hosting they are all the same, but they are Recommended WordPress Hosting Company

SiteGround Pros

SiteGround is a reliable and strong player in the market, If I were to give a slogan to this company I would quote something like “Performace at its best” .

SiteGround ensured an UptIme of 99.99% from last 20 months also when it came to speed Siteground showed some really good numbers interms of Speed Index and Load time on mobile as well.

Personally I would recommend SiteGround as Safe Hosting to reap benefits through SEO and ensuring an excellent User Experience with as low as 0.01% downtime.

We summed up a summary of benefits of using SiteGround as your next hosting provider.

1. Excellent Uptime of 99.99%

Data Source: Pingdom

Uptime is one of the most important factor to look at when subscribing to any host as downtime directly reflects negatively on your website revenue and branding.

We have been collecting raw accurate data…Yes! We bought SiteGround hosting around 2 years ago and since then the data is being collected as Uptime is not a metric which can be concretely presented in a month or two.

We tested the hosting for last 20 month and came up with the accurate average, the data indicated that SiteGround provides 99.99% Uptime as they promise and this is really a promising figure.

Check out the last 20 months Uptime breakdown below:

August 201999.98%
July 201999.98%
June 201999.99%
May 201999.98%
April 2019100%
March 201999.99%
February 2019100%
January 201999.99%
December 201899.95%
November 201899.99%
October 2018100%
September 2018100%
August 201899.99%
July 2018100%
June 2018100%
May 201899.97%
April 2018100%
March 201899.99%
February 201899.97%
January 2018100%

2. Above Average Time to First Byte – TTFB (668.17ms) 

Data Source: KeyCDN

The TTFB (Time to fist byte) is a really important metric as it represents the time in which the first byte is received by the browsers.

We managed to collect the figures and calculate an aggregate we also did some research on how SiteGround servers are performing in different parts of the world.

Below is the TTFB Breakdown of SiteGround from most popular locations in the world:

Frankfurt2004.4 ms10.7 ms44 ms247 ms
New York2007 ms72.5 ms174.6 ms492.5 ms
Miami200255.9 ms103.3 ms226.2 ms599.2 ms
Dallas200256 ms116.7 ms259.6 ms651.5 ms
San Francisco200256.7 ms143 ms319.9 ms769.2 ms
Seattle20015.5 ms155 ms331.5 ms802 ms
Totonto200127.8 ms87.6 ms195.8 ms548.9 ms
London200256.4 ms6.7 ms156.3 ms332.4 ms
Paris20031.4 ms15.9 ms52.6 ms256.8 ms
Amsterdam2003.5 ms1.8 ms29 ms219.5 ms
Singapore200512.9 ms239 ms513.1 ms1.2 s
Sydney2006.9 ms276.7 ms575.5 ms1.3 s
Tokyo2001.5 s241.6 ms505.2 ms1.2 s
Bangalore2007.6 ms157.9 ms344.5 ms809.7 ms

3. Speed Index Desktop (3.27s)

Data Source: Chrome Lighthouse

Speed Index is a really important metric as it represents the time taken for the content to be visually displayed on the screen, this is when the users percieve the page to be loaded.

The Speed Index value varies so we did several tests and took an average, Page Speed < 4s is cosidered to be really good which places SiteGround in a green spot for Speed Index.

Speed Index Calculation

4. Speed Index Mobile

Data Source: UpTrends

According to the latest studies from Google Engineers 45% of the users bounce off your website if it doesn’t load under 3seconds.

Hence we looked out for the mobile performance separately it was challenging but not impossible so we started benchmarking SiteGround’s performance on 4g/LTE and 3g Mobile devices.

Mobile Speed is also important because Google recently launched Mobile First Index which indexes the mobile version of your website to evaluate you and rank your website for mobile and desktop.

Making sure that your mobile traffic is not facing any glitches and delays is super important specially after 2018.

Below we did some testing and came out with following results for SiteGround’s performance for mobile.

Speed on High End Mobile Device (LTE/4G)

SiteGround Review Mobile 4g/LTE
SiteGround Metrics on 4g/LTE Mobile Connection

Speed on Basic Mobile Devices (3g Connection)

SiteGround Review Mobile 3G
SiteGround Metrics on 3G Mobile Connection

5. Exceptional Customer Support Experience love_hostingfacts

Well one of the best thing about SiteGround hosting is their phenomenal 24×7 Customer Support.

They are an amazing team of professionals helping all their customers in a blink of a heartbeat…I really like SiteGround support experience personally because sometimes they go off the comfort to help fix your issues in anyway possible.

In my recent encounters with SiteGround support my query was answered in less then two minutes, which is amazing if you compare it with other hosts where you have to wait long time before any support representative connects to you before you even describe them your issue.

SiteGround Customer Support Review

Also, When it comes to tickets response time these people are amazing you get a detailed answer within 5minutes, I asked couple of my friends to generate some tickets to check their response time and the results were unbelievable, Check it out!

6. Free Website Migration for 1 Website (Paid Afterwards)

Site Migrattion may sound really technical to the un-experienced or non-developers but SiteGround’s Migration plugin is as easy as you can think.

With SiteGround Plugin you can easily migrate your website to SiteGround in few clicks, See full guide here.

You can find SiteGround Migrator from Google:

SitGround Migrator

Free Migration Walkthrough:

Its really easy when you subscribe to SiteGround you are eligible for 1 free website transfer simply navigate to the website migration page and fill in the details (Available at the time of Sign Up as well).

SiteGround Website Transfer

Similarly, you can also generate a support ticket and request the site migration you will have to fill out some of the access details for your old server and the SiteGround support will take care of the migration the time will vary depending on the size of the website being imported (Note: This Option works more effectively on GrowBig and GoGeek Plans).

Website Transfer through support ticket

Following are the limits of the website migration associated with SiteGround hosting plans, if you exceed the below limit you will be charged flat fee of $30 for each additional website migration.

7. Free SSL Certificate (Let’s Encrypt) & CDN (Cloudflare Pro)

Chrome is used by 54.5% of the Global Internet users, chrome recently started to issue warnings on the websites with no SSL Certificate.

A while back SSL Certificates were only considered on the e-commerce websites but recently Google also acknowledged SSL to be ranking factor for their search engine, in year 2018-19 alone we saw a major shift of http users to https.

All of this pointed to the importance of having a valid SSL Certificate on your website.

Luckily for SiteGround users as SiteGround offers free Let’s Encrypt certificate which can be easily installed from the cpanel or requested in the live chat and SiteGround Support will take care of it.

Secondly Cloudflare CDN with some really cool Pro Account features is also integrated with SiteGround hosting for free, CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is a really cool feature as it serves all the static resources like images, scripts and all the large static resources off your primary server on top of that it also reduces the server latency by having alot of data points around the world.

In addition to that SiteGround servers are also destributed in 3 Continents of the world which gives you an option to choose which datacenter is closest to your visitors IP origin giving a wonderful blazing fast web experience.

SiteGround DataCentters

8. Tons of Features Packed for Noobs & Experts

SiteGround has a bit to offer to everyone, It offers one click install solution for popular CMS like, WordPress, Joomla. Drupal.

SiteGround hosting also offers Weebly website builder which can be used to built website with any look and feel without writing a single line of code, you can drag and drop different UI elements and make a really cool design.

9. One Month Money Back Guarantee

SiteGround offers 30 days Money Back Guarantee with the web hosting, which ensures customer’s happiness if you are not satisfied with their service you can simply ask for a refund and you will be refunded in full no questions asked.

SiteGround also offers a money-back guarantee for their Cloud Hosting users, but you have to let them know in 15 days if you are not satisfied with their services.

Please note that the money back guarantee only works with the new customers and would not be applicable on any other products and renewals, please read our the SiteGround’s Refund Policy here.

SiteGround Cons

1. High Renewal Price

SiteGround demands high renewal prices, its the small value written beside each plan and its much higher than what you paid initially.

Its wise to choose the plan carefully and buy a 2 or 3 year subscription as it will save you alot of money in the future.

If you get the subscription of SiteGround StartUp for 12 Months for $47.40 you will have to pay $143.40 for renewal for 1 more year, instead you can get it for 3 Years in for $47.40*3 = $142.20 (Initially).

SiteGround 3 Years (Save Money)

SiteGround OfferThe renewal price is about 3x more then the Initial price. the breakdown is given as follow

Initial (Discounted)$3.95 Monthly$5.95 Monthly$11.95 Monthly
Renewal$11.95 Monthly$19.95 Monthly$34.95 Monthly

2. $14.95 One time Setup Fee for Monthly Subscribers

If you subscribe to any of the shared hosting plans and wish to pay on monthly basis SiteGround will charge you a one time setup fee of $14.95 which is not negotiable, if you wish not to pay this setup fee you have to get atleast one year subscription.

3. Low Disk Space for Starter Plans

Well if you own a new website then this won’t matter much but if you are having a website with much more active traffic you have to consider the no of visitors threshold SiteGround applies on each Web Hosting / WordPress Hosting plan.

SiteGround Startup Plan offers 10,000 monthly visitors while SiteGround’s GrowBig offers double the amount of 25,000 monthly visitors which is more then double moving ahead GoGeek plan offers 100,000 monthly visitors which is more then enough for a medium sized blog or small/medium sized businesses.

Visitors limit is not applicable on SiteGround Cloud, SiteGround Dedicated and SiteGround Enterprise Hosting.

SiteGround Review Summary

Overall we found SiteGround to be an amazing host offering cutting edge servers with latest technological advancements at a moderate price.

If you are looking for a hosting company that would provide you with the latest technology hardware and a temendous support where you can expect them to go an extra mile to fix your project issues SiteGround is the most ideal platform for you.

Also, In regards to uptime and speed SiteGround showed us some solid figures and ranked # in our hostreview benchmark list.


  • Excellent Uptime 99.99%
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • 1 Free Site Migration
  • Free CDN (Cloudflare Pro Integration)
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
  • One Click Easy Installations
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • High Renewal Rates
  • $14.95 Pre-Setup Fee for Monthly Subscribers
  • Low Disk Space for Starter Plans


Uptime - 9.5
Speed - 8.3
Pricing - 7.8
Support - 10
Free Addons - 9
Howdy, I am Sheikh! a professional Software Engineer and multi-award-winning SEO Consultant, helping industry-leading brands achieve their online goals by supervising & directly implementing SEO practices to boost their overall Search Traffic dramatically.

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