Our Review Process

Our Unique Hosting Review Process:

Understanding Web Traffic in 2020:

Since last two years mobile traffic is on the boom, According to SimilarWeb and Google, about 58% web searches were conducted through mobile devices & Google Mobile-First Index release, which give a reasonable clue to shift all the testing to high-end mobile devices to ensure a truthful, beneficial and transparent review of each host.

Page Load time VS Conversions:

According to the data analysis, with each second incremented in page load time the conversion rate is affected by up to 20%.

Understanding Mobile Audience:

Furthermore, people facing negative experience on mobile and handheld devices are around 60% less likely to make any future purchases from a brand.

Finding the best hosting company has always been a challenge for everyone, Our team saw a really big gap between the information served on the internet and what’s happening in the industry nowadays.

We set out to serve the truth and helping people find the best service for their needs for that we signed up at each hoWe separated the performance data from each host and compiled a list of Top 30 best hosting service providers, to facilitate our visitors we have collected a lot of data including two most important factors which are Uptime & Load Time. Apart from that we also managed to get some most critical data out of every host being reviewed including performance split of Desktop and Mobile, Pricing, Infrastructure, Support, and Ease of Use.

We tested all popular hosting brands separately and ran out plenty of tests to serve as much information as possible.

  • First Contentful Paint

First Contentful Paint (FCP) is catagorized to measure the time frame between the navigation to when the visitor’s browser renders the first bit of the content from the DOM, know more about First Contentful Paint here.

  • First Meaningful Paint

First Meaningful Paint (FMP) was coined by Google, and also got integrated into Chrome lighthouse later on it is the time it takes for the primary content of the page to appear on the screen, learn more about First Meaningful Paint here.

  • Speed Index

The time it takes for the content to be visibly populated on the screen is referred to as Speed Index the lower value represents better speed and user experience, learn more about Speed Index here.

  • First CPU Idle

First CPU Idle refers to the time when the webpage is minimally interactive, it is sometimes overlapped with TIme to Interactive as well, know more about First CPU Idle here.

  • Time to Interactive

Time to Interactive (TTI) refers to the time when the webpage becomes fully interactive which is referred to when the page has already displayed the useful content alongside the registration of Event Handlers for most of the page elements and the page responds to user interactions within 5seconds, learn more about Time to Interactive here.

  • Estimated Input Latency

Estimated Input Latency refers to the time of input responsivness and its considered one of the most important factors for ensuring good user experience apps have 100ms to respond to users’ input or else they are considered laggy or slow, learn more about Estimated Input Latency here.

These are the key factors that search engines use to evaluate your site performance, for all the conducted tests we used WordPress CMS alongside the default Twenty Nineteen theme which is pre-installed in the package to have a fair comparison.

Hostreview Review Process:

We take our passion seriously hence we did the following evaluation process

  • Signing up with the web host with every plan they are offering
  • We installed WordPress CMS by default to make the evaluation easier
  • We monitored and noted down all the above performance factors and data
  • We created our host performance evaluation sheet, See Here
  • We Monitored the Performance for 3 months and evaluated their Pro’s and Con’s including (performance features, pricing, customer support, free addons)
  • We rated all the hosts (Updating Every Month)
  • First Contentful Paint
  • Time to First Byte - TTFB
  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Time to Interactive
  • Estimated Input Latency
  • First CPU Idle

Technologies We Use to Review Hosts

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