Privacy Policy

Information Collection

Hostreview allows its clients to access the site anonymously, in case a user registers for the newsletter or to use our services we may ask for relevant information like email, password, mailing address, credit card information (only in case of purchase) or phone number. Google may use cookies to display advertisements on the website. You can disable how Google uses the information of the sites you visit by disabling it from google ad and content network privacy. 

What happens to the information we collect?

The information you give on Hostreview may be used for,

  1. Personalizing user experience
  2. Updating information on the website according to user preferences
  3. Improve the content on the website according  to user feedback
  4. Better customer interaction
  5. Processing transactions in case of purchase
  6. To send surveys and newsletters to the user (In case of opt-in)
  7. Send emails for follow-ups


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

Is your information safe?

Hostreview does not in any way trade your personal information. The details we collect from users are either used to contact our clients or to provide services to them. We may use your email address to send you emails related to your purchase or relevant information about the product, Hostreview may also send you to cover letters, company-related news and follow up emails. At the end of each email, the user has the option to opt-out of future emails by following the unsubscribing steps. Hostreview team ensures that all the sensitive information like the one provided at the time of purchase is handled securely. We make use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to transmit information over a secure channel and none of this information is saved in our database.

Do we use cookies?

Hostreview uses cookies to save user preferences, cart data and to provide a more personalized experience for our users. We make use of this information to generate targeted advertisements and improve our website for a better user experience

External links

Hostreview in some cases provides a link to third party websites. We do not guarantee the authenticity or privacy of your data on those sites. Each website has its own privacy policy and we recommend you to check that before making your final call. Hostreviw does not in any way endorse those websites, nor do we collect any feedback from our users about these websites.


host review uses third-party applications to serve target based advertisements to the user for that your information may be collected by google analytics cookie or DoubleClick cookie to generate analytical data, optimize, display information based on your preferences and past activities. These third-party applications may collect your data through web cookies, web beacons, and other such technologies. The data collected may include information related to the pages you visited on our website, the time you spent on each page, the links you clicked, the information you logged, and your IP address. The information collected may be used to generate targeted based advertisements, to analyze and determine the popularity of a certain topic or website, services that users are interested in and to provide the user a more customized experience on our website. In case you have reservations regarding the data being collected by google analytics to display advertisements you can install an opt-out plugin in your browser. You can also opt-out by using Google Ads Settings.

Online Interactions

Some of your information may be made available to the public depending upon your use of the website. Hostreview gives you the opportunity to leave a review or comment related to our website or your activities on our website. All such activities are governed by our terms and conditions. These activities can appear on searches even on other websites in case someone looks up the subject of your posting. All the information that a user voluntarily shares on open web pages can be viewed by everyone. For instance, if you choose to write your email address on a public platform it will be made available for public and you may receive junk or unwanted email over it. We recommend you to be careful while posting any information as it may cause a breach of personal information. With this, we claim no responsibility for any leak of information through a user’s choice or mistake. Users are to take full responsibility for all the personal information they display or harm or consequences they may have to face due to a breach of their privacy. 

Disclosure Agreement

Hostreview will disclose your information by law or protect the rights in case of an investigation, to help to look into some illegal activity, fraud or wrongdoing, or to protect the rights or safety of Hostreview’s users, employees or others related to the company, to make sure that you follow our terms and conditions and policies as mentioned earlier, in case of case order, subpoena or legal investigation by another company. As a defense against or for legal claims, we may waive any legal objection on our data accusation.

Hosetreview may disclose some of your information to a third party in order to process orders and services on our behalf, these services include customer service, marketing assistance, business sales, and support for our website. 

In case of business transfer, bankruptcy, merger or acquisition Hostreview reserves the right to disclose all your information to the successor company. Other than the case in which the court orders otherwise, your information shall be protected under the privacy policy, in case we change the privacy policy you will be notified and will be given a fair chance to opt-out of it. All the information that is transferred to the successor will be subjected to a new privacy policy if the other organization wants to change the current one. 


By using this website the user agrees to our privacy policies and terms and conditions. 

Contact Us

In case you need further information about hostreview, feel free to contact us through our contact us page or send us an email at

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