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WordPress is perhaps one of the most powerful CMS platforms out there. The extent of its success can be considered from the fact that at the time or writing this article, WordPress is powering almost 35% of all websites on the internet which is a very impressive percentage. After all, why wouldn’t it be impressive? WordPress has made the process of creating a website quite easy with endless customization options. All you need to do is get a hosting provider, setup WordPress and you are good to go. However, this is where things can become a little complicated for many, as choosing the right hosting provider is never an easy thing to do. Many providers realize the potential of WordPress and offer dedicated WordPress hosting services. This is where Kinsta comes in.

Starting with a little background on Kinsta, it was founded in 2013 which means that they are still quite young compared to some of the bigger providers out there. This does not mean that they do not know what they are doing. In fact, they were quickly able to maintain their position as a reliable and solid hosting provider to fulfill all sorts of WordPress related needs. With a starting price of $30 per month on the basic plan, one could argue that Kinsta is a bit expensive when compared to some other shared hosting solutions out there but that is the whole deal. With Kinsta, not only are you getting dedicated WordPress hosting but the company will also help you manage your website so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This also means that their support staff is better equipped to solving WordPress issues as compared to other hosting providers.

While there are some other companies as well that offer managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta stands out by offering features of its own. We will be taking a look at those in this detailed review along with any cons that exist. 

Expert Kinsta Review

As mentioned above, Kinsta stands out from normal hosting providers by offering fully managed and dedicated services for WordPress hosting. However, to see just how true these claims were, we set out to collect data which was spread across different metrics. 

Using those, we were able to come up with this detailed review. We will be looking at the pros and cons of Kinsta and help you decide whether it is the right hosting provider for you or not. 

Kinsta General Hosting Overview

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Kinsta Hosting Plans

Kinsta Starter Plan

The basic plan with Kinsta is called the starter plan and it starts at $30 per month. With this, you can host a single website and the number of visits are limited to 20k. You get access to 10 GB of disk storage and a free SSL and CDN which are included with each plan.

Kinsta Pro Plan

Next up is the pro plan which starts at a price of $60 per month. As the price is doubled, so are the resources with 2 WordPress installs, up to 40k visits and 20 GB of disk storage.

Kinsta Business Plan

The business plan is further divided into four sub plans, each with an increasing number of resources. The business plans are perfect for small to medium businesses who have more than two websites that need to be hosted. 

Business 1 Plan

The business 1 plan started at $100 per month and allows for 5 different WordPress websites, 100k visits and 30 GB of storage space

Business 2 Plan

Starting at $200 per month, the business 2 plan offers 10 WordPress installs, 250k visits and 40 GB of storage.  

Business 3 Plan

This next tier in the business plan hierarchy starts at $300 per month and offers 20 WordPress installs with 400k visits and 50 Gb of storage.

Business 4 Plan

Finally we have the business 4 plan which is the highest plan you can get under the business banner of hosting options with Kinsta. Starting at $400 per month, it offers 40 WordPress installs, 600k visits and 60 GB of disk storage

Kinsta Enterprise Plan

If the business plans are not enough to satisfy your needs then worry not because Kinsta has you covered with its enterprise set of plans. With a ton of resources, you will have everything you need to run a lot of websites, up to 150 in fact with the highest tiered plan.

Enterprise 1

The enterprise 1 plan starts at $600 per month and offers 60 different WordPress installs, 1000k visits each month and 100 GB of data storage. 

Enterprise 2

Next up we have the enterprise 2 plan which starts at $900 per month and allows for 80 different WordPress installs while also offering 1500k monthly visits and 150 GB of storage space.

Enterprise 3

For the enterprise 3 plan, it starts at $1200 per month and allows for 120 different WordPress installs with 2000k visits each month and 200 GB disk space.

Enterprise 4

Finally, we have the enterprise 4 plan which is the highest tiered plan short of a custom plan that you can get with Kinsta. Starting at $1500 per month, you get 150 different WordPress installs with 3000k monthly visits and 250 GB of disk space. 

If none of these plans fulfill your requirements then you can always reach out to Kinsta and get a quote for an entirely custom plan that is tailored to your needs. 

At this point we want to clarify that we have a very strict policy here at Host Review of providing only the most accurate and authentic information to our users. Our goal is not to generate sales but to create authentic reviews so that you can make a decision based on facts. 

In this article, we will be taking an in depth look at the numerous pros and some cons of Kinsta as a managed dedicated WordPress hosting provider. To write this review, we went with the starter plan offered by Kinsta for WordPress and the default theme. 

Kinsta Enterprise Endorsements

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Kinsta Pricing

The speciality of Kinsta is offering managed and dedicated WordPress hosting. Because of this, the pricing for starter plans is a bit higher compared to other hosting providers at $30 per month. Still the features that you get for this price are what justify it. The plans go all the way up to enterprise level costing $1500 per month so in short, there is something for everybody there. You can also get a discount with two months off of plans if you decide to go with yearly payments instead of monthly. Here we will be listing all of the core features of each plan that you can get. 

Starter Plan

$30 per month

1 WordPress install

20,000 visits

10 GB disk storage

Pro Plan

$60 per month

2 WordPress installs

40,000 visits

20 GB disk storage

Business Plans

Business 1

$100 per month

Five  WordPress installs

100,000 visits

30 GB disk storage

Business 2

$200 per month

10  WordPress installs

250,000 visits

40 GB disk storage

Business 3

$300 per month

20 WordPress installs

400,000 visits

50 GB disk storage

Business 4

$400 per month

40 WordPress installs

600,000 visits

60 GB disk storage

Enterprise Plans

Enterprise 1

$600 / month

60 WordPress installs

1,000,000 visits

100 GB disk storage

Enterprise 2

$900 / month

80 WordPress installs

1,500,000 visits

150 GB disk storage

Enterprise 3

$1200 / month

120 WordPress installs

2,000,000 visits

200 GB disk storage

Enterprise 4

$1500 / month

150 WordPress installs

3,000,000 visits

250 GB disk storage

Kinsta Pros

As mentioned earlier in this review, Kinsta is a new player when compared to some of the other hosting providers in the market. Despite this, they have been able to create a name of themselves and maintain a loyal customer base just because of the quality of services that they offer. The fact that their services are powered by Google’s Cloud network means that you get the best possible performance at all time. 

Not only this, the company also offers plenty of other features such as a free SSL and CDN access to its users and prides itself on excellent uptime and performance metrics. Here we will be taking a look at some of these pros in detail. 

Crazy Fast Speeds

Perhaps one of the most important factors for any website out there. Speed is essentially everything and can make or break a visitor’s experience. If you have pages that load faster, they will essentially translate to more conversions and visitors will want to stick around for longer, hence decreasing bounce rate in the process. 

So, how does Kinsta fare then? We set up a simple website and were amazed to see the results. With an average speed of 179.5 ms, Kinsta turned out to be really fast. This is not a surprise since Google’s cloud infrastructure is at the core of their entire process. Even webpage loading times without an active CDN were amazing, with an average page load speed of 1.09s.

Kinsta may not be the fastest hosting provider that we have tested but it is definitely up there. 

A 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Most hosting providers shy away from offering a guarantee on uptime but not Kinsta. In fact, they offer an SLA backed 99.9% uptime guarantee. Part of this is because they have a cloud infrastructure and it ends up being more reliable than traditional hosting methods. 

Kinsta also takes this a step further by offering continuous uptime checks every minute. If there is an error and the company fails to fix it within 30 minutes then you will end up getting credit from Kinsta for the time that your website was down. The guarantee is valid 24/7/365 so that you never have to worry about any downtimes whatsoever. 

Cloud Equals Speed

We keep bringing up the cloud infrastructure but that is the reality behind such a good performance and reliability features. This makes Kinsta stand out among the usual shared and dedicated hosting crowd. Rather than hosting everything on a single server, the cloud makes use of virtual server space which is then spread across an extensive network of physical servers. 

Kinsta makes use of Google’s fiber network which, firstly is a private network meaning more security and it is capable of reaching insane speeds of up to 10,000 TB/sec in some areas as well. Since Google has an extensive network spread across the world, Kinsta customers get access to 20 different server locations across the world. This provides you with the option to host your website in a location which is geographically closer to your target audience. 

To further improve things, you will also get access to a premium DNS through Amazon Route 53. 

Features to Turbocharge Your Experience

As if everything mentioned above wasn’t already enough, Kinsta is armed to the teeth with the latest software and technologies. By making use of Nginx, PHP 7, Maria DB and LXD containers, the company is able to deliver a solid and reliable experience. There are so many addons and plugins you get with Kinsta, so much so that we could probably write an entirely separate article on that. 

Still, another really important and useful component is a CDN. In the case of Kinsta, they have partnered up with KeyCDN to offer CDN services which are included with every single plan that you can get from the website. KeyCDN already has a solid reputation out there and is perfectly capable of reducing load times and offloading any bandwidth requests from your actual host. This makes everything smooth and fast for the end user. 

Managed In The True Sense

We said that Kinsta’s hosting is managed but what does it actually mean? Well, in simple words, you spend less time worrying about the maintenance and upkeep of your website. This means that you can easily spend time on other aspects such as content and whatnot. 

Some of these managed offerings include speed tuning, access to a Kinsta dashboard, developer friendly tools such as SSH and WP-CLI alongwith setting up one click staging environments. The Kinsta team also gives you the option of letting them manage your updates or not. This is better than some other hosting providers where they simply force updates on you.  

Top Notch Customer Support

Great customer support is at the core of every successful customer experience. It is natural for people to come across technical issues which is why you need a support team with solid experience to sort those out. Luckily, Kinsta does exactly that. Their support team is composed of expert WordPress developers and Linux engineers. 

Rather than going through low level customer support reps, you are connected directly to an experienced support person to sort your issue out within minutes. Support is available 24/7 via an intercom feature, chat or by submitting a support ticket. In our experience, all of our queries are answered within 3 minutes which is pretty quick. 

Other than that, Kinsta also maintains a blog and helpful knowledge base if you wish to look up something on your own. 

Free Migration and Money Back Guarantee

Setting up a website is already very easy to do with Kinsta but what if you are switching from a different hosting provider? Even in that case Kinsta has you covered with a free site migration included with each plan. It should be kept in mind, however, that a free migration with the standard plan is only offered if you pay for the plan annually. 

The team of pros at Kinsta will migrate over your website while you go off and focus on more important stuff. Not only this, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the service, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee which is pretty cool in our opinion. This gives you an opportunity to test the waters and change your decision if you feel like the service is not working out for you.

Tools to Keep Everything Secure

With Kinsta, you have the peace of mind that everything will be backed up and secure. There are multiple options for creating a backup of your website and all of these are done automatically on a daily basis. You can also create up to 5 manual backups each week and download one of them. Event based backups are also created in the case that you are switching from staging to a live website so that you can restore everything in case something goes wrong. 

Finally, you get security features such as a free SSL certificate and 24/7 monitoring of your website in case any malicious attempts to access your website are detected. The team at Kinsta is alerted and they take care of it right away.

Great Optimization for E-Commerce

WordPress still remains a very popular platform for e-commerce websites thanks to the free WooCommerce plugins. You can have an e-commerce website up and running in no time. Kinsta makes it even easier to ensure that you will be getting the most optimal performance. After all, any compromise on speed can result in lost customers and potential revenue. 

Since this is a cloud infrastructure, it scales according to the requirements of the website in the case of a traffic spike, ensuring that your website stays up no matter what. Though you will be notified when you reach 80% and then 100% of your visitor limit. After that you will be charged $1 per 1000 visitors. 

Kinsta Cons

Kinsta has a lot going for it as you have already checked out but it is still not the perfect solution and comes with a few cons. Let’s take a look at what those are.

It Is Pricey

Kinsta calls itself a premium WordPress hosting service and as you all know, anything that is premium comes with a hefty price tag. Until May 2018, the basic standard plan started at $100 but Kinsta has since revised the price down to $30 per month. However, this is still a lot for small businesses or individuals with smaller websites and priced higher than many of Kinsta’s main competitors.

Email Hosting Is Not Available

For many people, email hosting is important and it is usually preferred by many that everything should be in one place for them to manage. Kinsta does not offer any email hosting services so you will have to rely on external email hosting solutions which can be inconvenient for many. 

In Kinsta’s defense, they want to leave the email hosting bit to other professionals and it makes sense but from a consumer point of view this can be a dealbreaker for some. Especially if you are willing to pay a premium for the services you wish to get.

Telephone Support is Non Existent

Once again, this might not be a big issue for many people but Kinsta does not offer any telephone support. For some, simply picking up the phone and talking to a customer support rep is more comfortable rather than typing out the entire thing in a small chat box.

Kinsta defends itself by saying that phone support is not necessary at all since the solution to most issues relies on screenshots and exchange of data. Still, in the moment of crisis one should have the option to simply call customer support and chat with a real human voice.


So, do we recommend Kinsta then? Despite the fact that it is priced much higher than its competitors and does not offer email hosting services, there is no doubt on the performance and reliability that they offer to their customers. That and the many free features like an SSL certificate and CDN means that you will have a great experience and will not be facing any issues. However, If you do come across any, then Kinsta’s stellar customer support will always be there to help you out. 

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