How to measure the performance of hosting?

As we all know that website speed matters a lot. To achieve the fast pace website we have to do many struggles otherwise we just can’t achieve the desired results. After doing much effort we all want to check whether our websites are working properly and what’s the performance of hosting.

There are different tools available through which one can easily check the site performance. 

Since there are so many aspects influencing the loading speed of websites, it is best to use a number of different tools to test the speed.

Want to know about them? Then you should read the below article.

  • Load Impact

If you are running a big advertisement campaign or launching a product, at once 100,000 people have declined to your web. And you have to be ready for this.

It naturally slows down when loads of users come to your web site simultaneously.

Load Impact detects thousands of visitors to your site and then measures their reaction. How quickly does your website perform under the impact of massive visitors?

By transmitting pings from 10 different sites, various mobile services, and browsers, this tool imitates real traffic. When you start getting bigger traffic peaks coming to your website, it’s best to consider Load Impact to see whether your current system can manage it.

  • Pingdom

Pingdom is an all-round software approach for programmers, but when it comes to website pace, it does have one cool feature. It collapses your load time according to any aspect on your website. It explains clearly which photos, code, or javascript hold you back.

If you want results of your site’s performance using Pingdom, follow these below steps:

  • Firstly, open your web browser to go to the official website of Pingdom at
  • In the text box, enter the URL of the website that you want to test.
  • Click Settings: if you don’t want to have a public viewing of the test results, clear the Save Test and mark it a public checkbox.

If you wish to check the site from a specific location, pick the geographic area you want.

Click on the “test now” option. Pingdom analyzes how long it will take to access the page and each item on the website, and then presents a “waterfall” chart of the overall page loading. Every resource uploaded is depicted on a timeline with a color bar.

  • Google Page Insights

Google’s made it really obvious for years that speed counts a lot. We all are fascinated with pace. Faster websites make users happier.

Not only does enhance website load speed boost user experience, but it also helps to sustain your Google ranking. Fortunately, Google doesn’t leave you in the black about the speed of your particular site. They developed a little smart tool called Page Insights. It tests the overall pace of your website but splits it up into bitesize bits.

Only put your web address in the title bar and allow the tool to function. Google then provides you an overall score of 100 for computer and mobile speed. Also, they’ll send you a full rundown of all the stuff that bogs down your web, with a priority list. 

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