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Decent Shared Hosting Service with A Major Drawback

All of the data and metrics listed in this review are accurate and have been collected over a period of 14 months to ensure an authentic and unbiased review.


We have used FastComet’s VPS services for our in house projects, however, for shared hosting, we purchased their different plans to see how it stacks up against other competitors. While you get plenty of features such as a website starter kit, free domain and website transfers, there is one very crucial area where FastComet failed to impress us which is speed. In our opinion and for pretty much everyone, this is something that matters a lot along with reliable uptime. 

Still, we will be discussing some of the pros and cons of going with FastComet’s hosting in this detailed review so that you can make a decision with all facts present.

FastComet Shared Hosting Expert Review

As mentioned earlier, we have used FastComet hosting services for a while ourselves and are aware of the performance offered by this company firsthand. FastComet is a private company which is rare in the web hosting business. It essentially means that a few dozen people are responsible for running the company, the names of whom you can actually check out. This can be important as it allows you to see the people who are behind the services you are getting, creating trust as a result. 

Unlike some other host review websites out there, our goal is not to generate leads or drive sales. Instead, we want people to make a genuine decision based on cold hard metrics and facts that are presented to them. With so many hosting providers out there, it can become difficult to choose one for your website and business. With our review, you will get to know the pros and cons of FastComet Shared hosting before you make a decision on whether you want to commit to their services or not. 

A generic review simply cannot cover everything which is why we make time to write detailed reviews about each service such as this expert review on shared hosting offered by FastComet. 

General Overview

Hosting Rank# Out of 35
Hosting PlansShared, WordPress, Cloud VPS, Dedicated, Magento, Drupal & OpenCart
PricingStarting at $3.45 (Renewal @ $3.45)
Speed (Desktop)3.9s
Speed Mobile(4G)
Time to First Byte - TTFB
First Contentful Paint3.66s
First Meaningful Paint3.73s
First CPU Idle3.8s
Time to Interactive

Estimated Input Latency10ms
SupportInstant Reply on Support Tickets
ApplicationsMore then 500 Applications Support
Website Transfers1 free transfer included
Free AddonsCloudflare CDN Caching, Let's Encrypt SSL
HTTP ProtocolHTTP/2 enabled servers
Web ServerApache

FastComet Shared Hosting Plans

Here we will take a look at the different plans offered by FastComet under their shared hosting banner. Shared hosting is more suited for people who have small websites or blogs and simply wish to create an online presence for their business or brand. 

It costs considerably less compared to VPS or Dedicated hosting which is why you should not be expecting insane performance or dedicated resources. 

Let’s take a look at the shared hosting plans in some detail. It should be noted that the introductory pricing offered by FastComet can change depending on events. At the time of writing this review, the company was offering big discounts due to the COVID-19 crisis. We will still try our best to keep this review up to date with the latest information. 

FastCloud Plan

Starting at $3.45/mo, the FastCloud plan is a quick and easy way to get started with a website. You get around 15 GB of SSD storage which is not a lot but since this is the cheapest plan, it sort of makes sense. You also get a free website and domain transfer which is excellent. The FastCloud plan renews at $9.95/mo once your plan runs out.

FastCloud Plus Plan

For websites that are expecting a bit more traffic and need some more resources, should opt for the FastCloud Plus plan. Starting at $5.20/mo, this plan offers the additional features of extra space, up to 25 GB of SSD storage and the option to host multiple websites. Upon renewal, this plan will cost you $14.95/mo. 

FastCloud Extra Plan

This is the most premium plan offered by the company under their shared hosting option. At an introductory price of $6.90/mo, this plan offers 35 GB in SSD storage and everything that you get in the previous plans. However, the biggest differentiating feature is the RocketBooster option which offers a bunch of upgrades to improve speed and performance and is worth it in our opinion. Once this plan runs out, renewing it will cost $19.95/mo.

Pros of FastComet Shared Hosting

FastComet offers plenty of features with their shared hosting plans, all of which count as pros for the hosting provider. Let’s take a look at the pros that you will be getting if you decide to go with FastComet’s Shared hosting as your website solution. 

Excellent Uptime

Let;s talk about some uptime here. For those unaware, uptime is one of the most important metrics for any hosting provider. It essentially refers to the percentage of time during which the servers of the provider are up and running. By taking a look at the uptimes over the period of a year, the average uptime comes out to be 99.97% which is excellent. This means that your website will be available to your visitors whenever they access it and you will not be missing out on conversions. 

The table below shows the uptime for FastComet servers over the period of a year.

MonthUptimeResponse Time
March 202099.98%693 ms
February 202099.98%665 ms
January 202099.67%763 ms
December 2019100%768 ms
November 2019100%782 ms
October 2019100%809 ms
September 201999.96%798 ms
August 201999.96%863 ms
July 201999.97%884 ms
June 2019100%729 ms
May 201999.99%697 ms
April 2019100%691 ms
March 2019100%690 ms
February 2019100%704 ms
January 201999.98%687 ms
December 201899.99%765 ms
November 201899.99%903 ms
October 201899.97%888 ms
September 201899.95%925 ms
August 201899.96%794 ms

Great Customer Support

While FastComet might be a small company, they still understand the importance of good customer support. As soon as you visit the website, a small chat window pops up where you can talk to a real customer support representative. On some websites these are usually bots but that is not the case with FastComet. To date, they have successfully done over 400k live chat sessions and twice that amount in support tickets. For a small company, this is obviously very impressive. 

Real People - Customer Support FastComet
FastComet Live Chat Popup

Long Money Back Guarantee

Many hosting providers offer a money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their services, however, it is either a difficult process and you can only do it within 30 days or less. FastComet goes a step further and offers a complete 45 day money back guarantee and the best part about it is that there are no questions asked. This is plenty of time to figure out whether the services offered by FastComet are up to your expectations or not.

Plenty of Freebies

The plans offered by FastComet under the shared hosting banner are packed with freebies that focus on both performance and security. First off you get free daily backups, this is something that is unheard of. The backups are stored off-site and stay there for 30 days so you can restore them easily with a single click if something goes wrong with your website. 

Next, you also get a free Cloudflare CDN and SSL certificate but the best thing of all and perhaps the most unique we have seen is that you get a free domain for life. Yes, you read that correct, for life. Most hosting providers either offer a discount or the first year free but afterwards increase the domain renewal price but FastComet does not do that.

Free Website Transfers

Hosting PlanNo of Transfers
FastCloud (Shared Hosting)1
FastCloud Plus (Shared Hosting)2
FastCloud Extra (Shared Hosting)
FastComet Cloud VPS
FastComet Dedicated Hosting

Cons of Using FastComet Hosting

With a lot of pros, there are also some cons and FastComet is certainly no exception here. In fact, there is one con that we believe can be a slight deal breaker for some. Let’s take a look at them here. 

Slow Loading Speed 

We really wish that this weren’t true because loading speed is one of the important factors along with uptime and others. Especially since FastComet did so well in other things as evident from the numerous pros we have listed about the hosting provider. 

When we checked the loading speed for FastComet shared hosting, it averaged around 800ms which, unfortunately, is not very impressive. Especially since other hosting providers are offering around 500ms for their shared hosting options. A slow loading speed means that your website will load slowly for any visitors that you might get on to your website. 

Higher Renewal Rates

This is a complaint that we have with many of the hosting providers out there. Many people who are opting for shared hosting plans are usually beginners which is why it can be difficult for them to differentiate between an introductory price and renewal price. 

They usually end up purchasing a plan thinking that they are paying less but once the introductory plan expires, they have to pay many times higher than the original price that they paid. At that point, moving an entire website that you have setup is simply not an option and you have to pay the higher price. Unfortunately this is a widespread practice which is why we clearly mention the renewal rates when writing about the different plans that a hosting provider can offer. 


FastComet’s shared hosting plans are a solid offering with the exception of one very big downside. Unfortunately, with our testing we found out that the loading speed was quite slow, in the 800ms mark for the shared hosting plans. It is true that the plans are quite reasonable, starting at only $3.45/mo and if you are willing too compromise a bit non speed then we do recommend this. The renewal rates are a bit higher so that should be kept in mind as well.

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