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An Excellent Host with Lightning VPS and Slow Shared Servers

All shared data and performance metrics are accurate we have been collecting fastcomet hosting data from last 14 months to write a transparent and authentic review.

FastComet got established in 2013 as a small startup founded by 4 individuals seliing high speed dedicated server solution to corporate clients with 3 key aspects in mind.

  • Support
  • Security
  • Performance

Being a FastComet VPS customer we found out all 3 aspects to be true but upon benchmarking shared hosting we came to a bit of confliting outcome the support and security were good but interms of speed everything slowed down.

FastComet HQ is located in San Francisco, California. The company now employs more then 70 staff members whom you can see on company’s about us page.

They incorporate about 20,000+ Cloud nodes locating their servers in 9 countries including United States, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada, Japan and Singapore.

According to recent estimates the company has a client base of about 55,000.

FastComet is one of the few hosting companies who are not a part of EIG, Why is this good? Well our figures indicate almost every hosting coming under EIG show low performance and are ranked on the bottom of our ranking list as well.

We were primarily using fastcomet VPS for various of our in-house websites throughout 2018-2019 and we really liked this host they offered an excellent support along side with some amazing addons like cloudflare, varnish (reverse proxy) etc.

But to write this review we used FastComet shared hosting plan, although its highly recommended that you go for their Cloud VPS which is reviewed here.

Let’s begin with the fastcomet review, We are going to review every aspect of FastComet hosting in depth specifically emphasizing on Speed, Support and Security which is the primary motto of the company, Lets Begin!

FastComet offers its user a series of web hosting solutions including their most popular Cloud VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Magento Hosting & Drupal Hosting along side with their famous FastComet Site Builder.

We have also covered in-depth review for FastComet’s Cloud VPS Hosting, FastComet shared hosting, FastComet WordPress hosting & FastComet dedicated hosting.

fastcomet trend worldwide
Source: Google Trends

Above trend show’s how the company grew worldwide since their launch in 2013, the graph has a good lift over time from last few years the trend is stable.

Expert FastComet Review

FastComet is a well oriented hosting company we became fond of FastComet two years back when we got their Cloud VPS hosting for an year and shifted all our websites there, although it was a risk in the start since we didn’t knew much about the company but we later found out that they deserve a good place in out line of hosting companies.

This would be the most in-depth review here as we have been FastComet’s Cloud VPS customer for over an year.

FastComet Honest Customer Review
Our Billing Dashboard with FastComet

FastComet Hosting General Overview

Hosting Rank# Out of 35
Hosting PlansShared, WordPress, Cloud VPS, Dedicated, Magento, Drupal & OpenCart
PricingStarting at $3.45 (Renewal @ $3.45)
Speed (Desktop)3.9s
Speed Mobile(4G)
Time to First Byte - TTFB
First Contentful Paint3.66s
First Meaningful Paint3.73s
First CPU Idle3.8s
Time to Interactive

Estimated Input Latency10ms
SupportInstant Reply on Support Tickets
ApplicationsMore then 500 Applications Support
Website Transfers1 free transfer included
Free AddonsCloudflare CDN Caching, Let's Encrypt SSL
HTTP ProtocolHTTP/2 enabled servers
Web ServerApache

FastComet regardless a new comer to the hosting industry has strong figures to back up their trust in the market they offer really good services we have been monitoring fastcomet from last 20months to understand more about this provider.

Unlike other hosting reviews on this website this one is different as fastcomet was our primary host for about an year before we moved to AWS as we were planning that for a long time because of flexibility and scalability.

Let’s start with the pro’s and con’s of fastcomet before reaching out to any conclusion.

Pros of Using FastComet Hosting

When you navigate to FastComet Official Website home page they give you some straight forward reasons with comparison to why you should buy their services, Check it out.

FastComet Offers Dedicated Resources

We envy the honesty of FastComet as they are really transparent when it comes to pricing and they also claim to be the most flexible and fast host in the market we ran our extensive review process to find the truth and bring up the most transparent review of the company.

Let’s Start!

1. Unbelievable Uptime of 99.97%

99.97% Uptime is an amazing number. this is one key metric to look for in a host as you don’t want any downtime because of your hosting provider.

We ran tests on FastComet from past 20 months to measure the uptime for each month the first quarter was having 100% uptime which decreased to a bit to 99.9x which was still amazing, Early January fastcomet shifted their servers from intel platform to AMD EPYC™ to provide a promising service with no future downtime and they responsibly notified every website owner hence showing 99.67 uptime in early 2020.

Here is there email to back up this fact:

AMD EPYC™ FastComet

Here is the month over month Uptime breakdown of FastComet Web Hosting:

Source: Pingdom

MonthUptimeResponse Time
March 202099.98%693 ms
February 202099.98%665 ms
January 202099.67%763 ms
December 2019100%768 ms
November 2019100%782 ms
October 2019100%809 ms
September 201999.96%798 ms
August 201999.96%863 ms
July 201999.97%884 ms
June 2019100%729 ms
May 201999.99%697 ms
April 2019100%691 ms
March 2019100%690 ms
February 2019100%704 ms
January 201999.98%687 ms
December 201899.99%765 ms
November 201899.99%903 ms
October 201899.97%888 ms
September 201899.95%925 ms
August 201899.96%794 ms

2. Good But Not Best TTFB (740.79ms)

FastComet’s has a good TTFB value averaging at 740ms. TTFB defines the time it takes in prior to browser recieving the first byte it can be broken down further into:

  • Server Status Code
  • ETag (if any)
  • DNS Resolution
  • Connection
  • SSL handshake

We ran tests on FastComet from every continent in the Globe to ensure a true figure and came up with an aggregate of 740.79 ms

Frankfurt2004.4 ms127.9 msN/A723 ms
New York2004.5 ms38.2 msN/A661.9 ms
Miami200127.7 ms31.9 msN/A530 ms
Dallas20015.7 ms0.6 msN/A581.8 ms
San Francisco20029.2 ms46.1 msN/A602.3 ms
Seattle20063.7 ms63 msN/A693.6 ms
Totonto200135 ms58.1 msN/A753 ms
London200253.7 ms116.4 msN/A841.6 ms
Paris20015.2 ms125 msN/A845.3 ms
Amsterdam200253.4 ms111.1 msN/A814.8 ms
Singapore200259.2 ms211.2 msN/A897.4 ms
Sydney2007.2 ms187 msN/A928.4 ms
Tokyo200256.3 ms138 msN/A743.6 ms
Bangalore200515.2 ms247.6 msN/A1103 ms

3. Above Average Desktop Speed Index (1.6s)

FastComet showed relatively good speed on desktop if not the best rating at 1.6 seconds on desktop which is better then several other shared hosting providers.

Its relatively slow keeping into account that we didn’t made any TLS handshake (No SSL on test site).

Check out the detailed speed index coverage on desktop below.

Speed Index Desktop
Source: Chrome Light House

4. Average Speed on Mobile Devices

Mobile speed is one of the key metric in our hosting benchmark as we know that about 65% of the traffic on a website converges from mobile devices.

If the website is relatively slow on mobile and hand held it results in higher bounce rate and user retention.

keeping the above facts in-view we divided the mobile speed testing on both high speed 4g and slower 3g connections.

We fetched the website from (NY) United States and used chrome browser on an Apple Iphone X and came up with the following results.

-Speed on Faster 4G/LTE Data Connection

4G Mobile Speed FastComet

Source: UpTrends


The speed appears to be average if compared with other companies like SiteGround and Bluehost. This is a good option for small websites and blogs but if you are having a big site with plenty of visitors we recommend using FastComet’s Cloud VPS which is lightning fast as Google rates >2 sec load time to be slow.

-Speed on Slower 3G Data Connection

3G Mobile Speed FastComet

Source: UpTrends


Site performance was really slow on average 3G connection as the website loaded in 4.3seconds which is considered slow, also keeping in account we didn’t set up the SSL on this domain the load time is a bit disappointing.

5. Dedidated Resources with Every Plan

The Company still enpower its vision of keeping resources dedicated for every client they have dedicated power pack associated with even the shared hosting plans that they provide.

Dedicated Resources in Shared Plan FastComet

If you check out the above feature set it clearly shows FastComet’s love for dedicated resources all plans are highly isolated with dedicated feature set.

Why is this awesome? well isolated resources ensure more security if another website gets infected with a malware your account won’t be compromised dedicated resources also ensure an excellent speed advantage.

6. Mighty Infrastructure with Powerful Servers

In a lay man tongue FastComet has always priortized speed and security and to ensure that they always have used excellent hardware resources to back up their claim and ensure a smooth flow of service to end-user.

FastComet Shifts to AMD Epyc Servers

Recently FastComet shifted to AMD’s 64 bit 7nm Epyc CPU’s these cutting edge CPU’s have succeeded their prior Intel architecture ensuring approximately 1.43x faster servers. detailed comparison can be seen here.

7. Amazing Customer Support

FastComet support is lovely, the best thing about the company is transparency. All the customer support staff is on their website.

Half of the time being a customer I wonder who am I chatting with because mostly there is no image or its a blurred stock image with a name and you get really a feeling being in-secure specifically while handing over credentials or access.

but, this is not the case with FastComet all their support heroes are mentioned in company about us page, we just pulled out one of our support tickets and cross-checked and it turns out to be 100% true.

Real People - Customer Support FastComet

If you are not a customer and just happen to go to FastComet’s website there would be someone to welcome you and answer your queries.

FastComet Live Chat Popup

if you do happen to become their customer you have to create support tickets, but I would envy FastComet as you can expect an update on your ticket as soon as 10 minutes at max, their technical support works round the clock although their billing department works on working days only i-e (Monday-Friday).

FastComet’s support system works on tier structure if your query is more complicated it is quickly directed to senior support for resolution.

Overall we loved their support unlike other companies ask money or sell services to do certian implementations FastComet team was always helping us do any debugging or implementation we asked for which includes requests like (SSL installation and renewal, addon domain creation, script installation, website down support etc).

If I am to compare or rate FastComet’s support I can clearly say they provide an exceptional support experience to their customer and I can say it stands out from best recognized hosting giants like siteground as they do a really vast investment on their customer support.

8. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Unlike other hosting companies fastcomet offers a full money back guarantee for 45 days which is really cool.

Its always a hassle when you are to migrate from one host to another with FastComet things are a bit easier as you can start up with a free trial with VPS or start things up with the Shared Cloud hosting and setup a test site and see if you are happy with this provider.

If the things are looking good you can request a free migration as one is included if you do sign up for FastComet Cloud VPS they might help you with additional migrations as they helped us in the past a couple of times.

else if you can request your money back and they will pay you in full, I really love FastComets billing as the company puts forward the quality of service before financials and they would help their customer out with anything.

9. One Click Install with alot of Freebies

One Click Install FastComet


FastComet hosting offers one click install for every major script or CMS, your account comes loaded with freebies as well as some critical tools and stuff which alone costs upto 100 bucks this includes:

1 Year free domain renewal (Not Free for Lifetime Anymore)

Note: The offer of Free Lifetime domain was revoked recently but FastComet still provides you with the free first year and minimal renewal fee for the future years. (detail here)

When you buy fastcomet hosting if you also shift your domain to them then you save 1 year domain renewal fee, before this offer was life time but now its limited to 1 year only. this offer applies to following services:

  • Fast Comet Shared Cloud Hosting
  • FastComet Cloud VPS
  • Fast Comet Dedicated Hosting

Free CloudFlare CDN

FastComet also offers Cloudflare CDN with their basic plan which clearly represents that the company definitely doesn’t care about making an extra buck but provision of quality service to their customers.

CloudFlare CDN ensure the site delivery from numbers of servers worldwide ensuring less server latency and optimized delivery time.

Most compaines out there ask you to pay extra and buy ClouldFlare extension but this is definitely not the case with FastComet they offer over 158 Apps free of cost to their customers.

10. Free Website Migration

The above is not all FastComet also offers free migration when you get their service.

FastComet comes up with following structure regarding website migrations:

Hosting PlanNo of Transfers
FastCloud (Shared Hosting)1
FastCloud Plus (Shared Hosting)2
FastCloud Extra (Shared Hosting)
FastComet Cloud VPS
FastComet Dedicated Hosting

11. Fair Pricing and Transparent Billing

The fact I hate about the hosting companies is false marketing in a way that misleads the customer.

you see a Shared Cloud SSD banner for $2.95 and think that’s the amount you are going to pay but when you reach their website you come to know that you have to register for 3 damn years to get that price.

Well, Not with FastComet you pay the price which is on the banner even if you buy the hosting for 1 month.

FastComet Transparent Pricing

Cons of Using FastComet Hosting

Neither of the hosting companies are perfect you have to look for the distinguishing facts to choose one that suits your purpose.

Although FastComet do have alot to offer, We also went deep to look for some of the cons for this hosting provider with reasonable causes.

Let’s Start!

1. Slow Concerning Speed for Starter Plans

We would be really transparent about this, FastComet starter plans offer slow speed the DNS lookup is a bit concerning SSL handshake also takes more then average time resulting in a higher TTFB as compared with other hosts.

On the other hand FastComet’s FastCloud Extra showed promising speed as we saw similarly in FastComet’s Cloud VPS.


Only buy FastComet’s FastCloud or FastCloud Plus hosting if your website is small or getting few click or little traffic. If you have significant traffic on your website buy FastComet’s FastCloud Extra or FastComet’s Cloud VPS as per your needs.

FastComet FastCloud
Recommended for Small Website

1 Free Domain Transfer

Single Site Transfer

15GB SSD Space

Unmetered Traffic

Best for Single Site

FastCloud Plus
Recommended for Medium Sites

1 Free Domains Transfer

Multi-Site Transfer

25GB SSD Space

Unmetered Traffic

Best for Single Site

FastCloud Extra
Our Recommendation

1 Free Domain Transfer

Multi-Site Transfer

35GB SSD Space

Unmetered Traffic

Best for Single Site

2. Higher Renewal Rates

The fact I hate about the hosting companies is false marketing in a way that misleads the customer. you see a shared Cloud SSD banner for $2.95 and think that’s the amount you are going to pay but when you reach their website you come to know that you have to register for 3 years to get that price.

If you get the hosting for 1 year it costs you $2.95/mo initially while it renews @$9.95/mo while if you get it for 24months initially you save $84.

How to Save Money on Renewal FastComet?


There are a lot of pros of going with FastComet since they are one of the reputable hosting providers out there. You get an excellent uptime of 99.99% with free SSL, CDN and the option to migrate on website for free. There are a few cons as well, like the high renewal rate which is a common complaint with many hosting providers and low disk space fo starter plans. Other than these, we believe that FastComet is a solid hosting provider and you will be satisfied with the service they offer so we recommend FastComet.


  • Excellent Uptime 99.99%
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • 1 Free Site Migration
  • Free CDN (Cloudflare Pro Integration)
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL
  • One Click Easy Installations
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • High Renewal Rates
  • $14.95 Pre-Setup Fee for Monthly Subscribers
  • Low Disk Space for Starter Plans


Uptime - 9
Speed - 10
Pricing - 9.8
Support - 9
Free Addons - 9
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