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You are reading our exclusive Bluehost VPS Hosting Review. For general information and review, you can read our in depth Bluehost Expert Review.

Bluehost is one of the three web hosting companies which are recommended by, which is a very big endorsement in itself.

Summary: We have already discussed the different plans offered by Bluehost in our detailed expert review. Now we will be taking a look at offerings for more advanced users, those who wish to have more control over resources. Bluehost’s VPS servers use state of the art technology to offer more power and flexibility when hosting your website. 

Features such as multi server management and root access are there, ensuring the best performance and offering more than what you would get from traditional shared hosting.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Expert Review

Our experience with Bluehost has been very consistent throughout. They have offered great performance and excellent customer service. 

Their reputation is also quite well-known within the WordPress community since they are one of the recommended hosting providers by WordPress themself. That is quite a big endorsement in and on itself. 

Unlike some other host review websites, our goal is not to do reviews for attracting sales, rather we focus on providing an unbiased review based on measurable metrics such as cost and performance. 

General Metrics Overview

Hosting Rank# Out of 35
Hosting PlansShared, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated
PricingStarting at $2.95 (Renewal @ $7.99)
Speed (Desktop)2.87s
Speed Mobile(4G)
Time to First Byte - TTFB
First Contentful Paint2.73s
First Meaningful Paint3.20s
First CPU Idle3.20s
Time to Interactive

Estimated Input Latency10ms
SupportInstant Live Chat 24/7
ApplicationsWordPress, Joomla, Drupal plus some additional website builders
Website TransfersNo free transfers
Free Addons
HTTP Protocol
Web Server

Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans

A VPS is known as virtual private server hosting which provides you access to dedicated resources like RAM and CPU. In the case of shared hosting, multiple people make use of a single resource and it is divided among them, meaning that your performance will be affected if more people are using the resource at any particular time. In VPS hosting, a dedicated server is virtualized for each user and the resources allocated to them are never shared. 

There are many benefits of using VPS over shared hosting but it is most preferred for medium to large websites where you cannot compromise on performance. Once you are allocated a set amount of RAM, CPU and Disk Space, it will stay regardless of what any of the other users are doing on the server. This translates to a more stable experience for your users and enhanced security. 

With Bluehost VPS hosting, you are also given root access meaning that you can modify the hosting environment according to your needs and specifications. You can also easily request for more resources if you have a surge in traffic or for more requirements. 

Bluehost offers three different plans under the VPS banner which are priced according to the resources that they offer. We will be taking a look at them here. 

Standard Plan

The standard plan starts at $18.99/mo and offers a very decent set of resources. You have access to 2 Cores, around 30GB of SSD storage2GB of RAM, 1 TB of bandwidth and a dedicated IP address. Root access is included with each plan and users can make use of CentOS to gain complete control of their server. Open source technologies like Open Sttack and KVM are used to offer blazing speeds. The standard plan renews at $29.99/mo.

Enhanced Plan

If the standard plan is not enough for you, then you can upgrade to the enhanced plan. Starting at $29.99/mo, it has the same number of cores but offers double the amount of all other resources as compared to the standard plan. You get access to 60GB SSD storage, 4GB of RAM, 2TB bandwidth and 2 dedicated IP addresses. Renewing the enhances plan will cost you $59.99/mo.

Ultimate Plan

The ultimate plan starts at $59.99/mo and offers access to almost double the resources of the enhanced plan. This really makes it the ultimate VPS plan (no pun intended). You get 4 cores, 120GB of SSD storage, 8GB RAM, 3TB of Bandwidth and 2 dedicated IP addresses. This is perfect for medium to big size websites and users who need more power and performance to offer the most optimal experience to their visitors. 

It should be kept in mind that all of these plans come with a free domain and 30 day money back guarantee which is great. You can also scale your VPS hosting by requesting for additional resources whenever you need them without having to face any delays. 

Bluehost Enterprise Endorsements

Pros of Bluehost VPS Hosting

There are a bunch of pros if you opt for Bluehost VPS hosting. The different plans ensure that you always have access to the right resources for your needs. Here we will take a look at some of the benefits that you will get by choosing VPS hosting from Bluehost. 

Increased Flexibility

The best part about going with a VPS plan is the amount of flexibility that you have with customizing the server environment to your requirements. You get full access to CentOS and server expansions can be managed without any admin assistance. 

Technologies such as OpenStack and KVM hypervisor are deployed to ensure maximum performance and that your website is available to your visitors at all times. 

Ease of Use

The use of a VPS can seem daunting to many people, especially if they are new to all of this. However, in the case of Bluehost, an improved version of cPanel is available along with additions to manage a VPS environment.

This is good news for those who have used cPanel in the past as it is not very difficult to navigate. If you still have any issues or need help figuring something out, you can always reach out to Bluehost’s excellent customer support. 

99.99% UpTime

Even with the VPS plans, an uptime of 99.99% is pretty much guaranteed. Uptime is a very important metric and it can represent the amount of time during which the server is up and running without any issues. 

Visitors are able to visit and interact with your website when it is available, however, a website which is down can easily result in lost conversions or potential sales. By taking a look at Bluehost’s uptime over the period of a year, it turned out to be 99.99% which is excellent. You can mentally free if you plan on going with Bluehost’s VPS plans. 

August 201999.98%
July 2019100%
June 201999.98%
May 2019100%
April 2019100%
March 201999.99%
February 2019100%
January 201999.96%
December 2018100%
November 2018100%
October 201899.91%
September 2018100%
August 2018100%
July 2018100%
June 2018100%
May 201899.99%
April 2018100%
March 2018100%
February 2018100%
January 201899.99%

Excellent Time to First Byte – TTFB (625.25ms)

Time to first byte represents the time it usually takes for the first byte to be delivered to your browser. By using data extracted from KeyCDN, we were able to determine this metric offered by Bluehost servers.

It turned out to be 625.25ms which is not only good but it is better than some other hosting providers out there. Here is a breakdown of TTFB for Bluehost servers from different parts of the world. 

Frankfurt2004.4 ms10.7 ms44 ms247 ms
New York2007 ms72.5 ms174.6 ms492.5 ms
Miami200255.9 ms103.3 ms226.2 ms599.2 ms
Dallas200256 ms116.7 ms259.6 ms651.5 ms
San Francisco200256.7 ms143 ms319.9 ms769.2 ms
Seattle20015.5 ms155 ms331.5 ms802 ms
Totonto200127.8 ms87.6 ms195.8 ms548.9 ms
London200256.4 ms6.7 ms156.3 ms332.4 ms
Paris20031.4 ms15.9 ms52.6 ms256.8 ms
Amsterdam2003.5 ms1.8 ms29 ms219.5 ms
Singapore200512.9 ms239 ms513.1 ms1.2 s
Sydney2006.9 ms276.7 ms575.5 ms1.3 s
Tokyo2001.5 s241.6 ms505.2 ms1.2 s
Bangalore2007.6 ms157.9 ms344.5 ms809.7 ms

Cons of Bluehost VPS Hosting

While there are a bunch of pros, there are some cons to Bluehost’s VPS hosting as well. We will be discussing them here.

Lack of Security Features

One of the cons is the lack of security features offered with the default plans. Things such as Domain Privacy and SiteLock should be available by default if you are paying more to get a premium service and dedicated resources. 

In our opinion, these security features are important especially when hackers tend to find all sorts of sensitive information on the internet these days. Their options are offered as extras and need to be purchased separately from the hosting plans.

Higher Renewal Rates

This is a recurring complaint that we have with many hosting providers. It can often be confusing for new users to see the introductory prices whereas the renewal rates are much higher. 

In our opinion this can be misleading and upon renewal, a person has no choice but to pay extra to keep their hosting and website. This is why we clearly mentioned both the introductory and renewal rates in our reviews so that you have a better idea before making a purchase. 


Bluehost VPS hosting is definitely a step up from their shared hosting offerings and is excellent for anyone with a medium sized website and wants to get the best performance while still staying in a budget. While we wished that the hosting provider would include some basic security features for free, the pros are still plenty to make use choose the VPS plans.

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