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What is “First Contentful Paint”?

When you check your website on speed monitoring software you see the reports along with other speed indicators with First Contentful Paint and First Meaningful Paint. These are valuable user-centric metrics that can inform you a lot about how much the content is waiting for your users. Now you must be wondering what really first contentful paint means. If you don’t know already then read this belo...[Read More]

load time

Load time ID’s the time a webpage takes to download and display its content. The unit used to measure load time is second. Load time is very important as a webpage that takes more time to load is considered less efficient and can result in losing traffic. What effects the load time?  Page load is calculated from the moment a user requests a page and ends when the complete content of the page ...[Read More]

What is Time to First Byte?

As we all know that on internet speed plays a vital role. We might wait for a video to load fully but our tolerance to a loading website is less than three seconds. At this moment “time to first byte” (TTFB) comes into action. Overview Trying to connect to a web server is a multi-phase process where each phase may result in delays. If a website is sluggish or irresponsive, the secret t...[Read More]

How to measure the performance of hosting?

As we all know that website speed matters a lot. To achieve the fast pace website we have to do many struggles otherwise we just can’t achieve the desired results. After doing much effort we all want to check whether our websites are working properly and what’s the performance of hosting. There are different tools available through which one can easily check the site performance.  Since there...[Read More]

What is “Time to Interactive”?

The Time to Interactive (TTI)  metric determines how much it takes to a document. “Interactive” is classified as the point where relevant content has been displayed on the screen, determined using First Contentful Paint. Many pages optimize the accessibility of content to the expense of personalization. This can generate a terrifying experience for the user. The page tends to be e...[Read More]

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