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A Little Background

We started Hostreview.io in good faith to help the Industry understand the service they are buying and what service suits which customer.

We are a group of friends, our team is comprised of killer full-stack developers, Dev-Ops Engineers and Super Marketers, We didn’t hired extra hands to write reviews rather we did it ourselves.

We benchmarked all listed hosted environments perfectly for any newbie or expert with over 20 important metrics which are really important and often ignored by fellow bloggers and affiliates.

We put our decade experience in each review that we wrote to make sure that our visitors see and feel the transparency we are showing while reviewing each hosting company.


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UX Design
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Meet The Team

About Us
Founder | Editor in Chief | WordPress & SEO Guru

Howdy I am Sheikh, I am a WordPress expert and a top search marketer the idea of hostreview came in my mind while helping a friend choosing a host and then optimizing his website for speed, I committed to use my decade of experience to help the industry by posting a super detailed and transparent review of each host

About Us
Kenneth Barnes

Dramatically empower empowered synergy without error-free ideas. Progressively reintermediate wireless initiatives vis-a-vis innovative mindshare. Uniquely formulate fully tested processes.


About Us
Clinton Lowe

Collaboratively reinvent B2C paradigms after visionary systems. Rapidiously monetize flexible action items via B2C initiatives. Distinctively procrastinate maintainable markets.


About Us
Lorena Richards

Appropriately promote wireless benefits and enterprise-wide innovation. Conveniently parallel task viral methodologies through standards compliant total linkage. Seamlessly reconceptualize.


About Us
Audrey Mills

Phosfluorescently productize performance based best practices and transparent “outside the box” thinking. Phosfluorescently whiteboard web-enabled “outside the box” thinking.


About Us
Edward Bailey

Phosfluorescently reinvent customized scenarios without client-focused vortals. Phosfluorescently optimize client-centered models before synergistic data. Uniquely impact backend experiences with.


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